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Evolution specifically as defined by Darwin is a physical process of change that manifests slowly over several generations. The changes occur within a variety of species: animals, plants, or insects showing up in physical adaptations. This is the prevailing and mainstream scientific outlook of physicalism, the metaphysical thesis that "everything is physical". Along comes Donald Hoffman who does not find accurate the idea that consciousness came about randomly on this planet and perhaps other places. He argues instead for consciousness being fundamental not the Big Bang having starting it all, not space and time nor physical objects. He states evolution in humans is the interface that has enabled us to navigate effectively throughout our environments much as a computer screen, its interface, enables the computer user to easily navigate and accomplish various tasks. The analogy holds when you consider just behind that screen is hidden the various electronic components and processes from us not necessary to know to accomplish the task. Compare that to mankind’s evolutionary interface, mentioned previously, Hoffman theorizes as its purpose is to enhance humankind's fitness/survival by hiding from our conscious awareness non-useful data ie: purposefully limiting our perceptual capabilities. Again, the concept is that all information is necessarily partial and focused as we formulate a concise question thus enabling our consciousness to determine only the information that we need. So what is the  description of what lays behind this evolutionary interface?
Hoffman says it is Consciousness, the omnipotent kind ie: the one spelled with a capital 'C'. To see everything as a whole we would need an unlimited consciousness. And that is what many people call God.